House-Made Focaccia ~ with herb oil 5-

Buffalo Cauliflower Dip ~ Served with corn tortilla chips (gf) 12-

Arancini ~ (4) Truffle, garlic, and parm with arugula pistou (vg) 12-

Sprouts ~ Deep-fried brussels sprouts, maple chipotle sauce, house-made blue cheese (gf, veg) 14.5-

Cucumber Gazpacho ~ Fresh watermelon, feta, mint balsamic (gf/Vo) 12-

Burrata ~ Peaches, hot honey, mint, candied pecans, toasted baguette (vg) 15-

Deviled Eggs (5) Bacon and cheddar ~ 11-

Flatbread ~Roasted garlic spread, swiss, tavern ham, blackberry mustard 13-

Street Corn Fries ~ Chili seasoned fries, chipotle crema, fire-roasted corn 11-


Add protein: Grilled Chicken 6-, Crispy Chicken 6.5-, Steak 10.5-, Salmon 12.5-. Shrimp 12.5-

Caesar ~ Romaine, pecorino romano, croutons, white anchovy dressing (gfo) 10-

Shrimp and Mango Salad ~ Roasted and chilled shrimp, napa cabbage, bell peppers, pickled red onion, fresh mango, ginger miso dressing (gf) 18-

Steak & Peach ~ Mixed greens, grilled medium-rare flat iron steak, fresh peaches, cucumber, tomato, peach vinaigrette (gf) 20-


NY Strip ~ Roasted potato spears and tonight’s veg (gf) 36-

Enhance with whole grain mustard and parsley compound butter and/or peppercorn sauce 1.50 ea.

Boneless Pork Loin ~ Sweet potato smashed, black eyed peas, cider reduction, tonight’s veg (gf) 29-

Catfish ~ Pan-fried catfish filets, white rice, remoulade, shrimp hushpuppies, cucumber salad 28-

Cauliflower Steak ~ Vegetable fried rice, red chili sesame green beans, soy ginger glaze (gf, V) 24-

Brisket Sandwich ~ Open-faced, peach-bourbon BBQ sauce, fries and pineapple slaw 22-

Salmon Farfalle ~ House-smoked salmon, farfalle, capers, peas, broccoli, peppers, lemon dill creme fraiche 26-

Fried Calamari Caesar Salad 23-

Chicken Quarter ~ Honey-Sriracha-garlic glazed roasted quarter chicken, cornbread, tonight’s veg, rice,

black eyed peas 24-

Tuna Steak ~ Pan-seared rare tuna steak, quinoa, citrus fennel salad (gf) 28-

Classic Burger ~ Cheddar, lettuce, tomato onion, brioche bun. served with fries 15-

(swap for a Beyond Meat Burger: +$2)

Burnt End Burger ~ 8oz. Angus burger patty, house-smoked brisket, bbq sauce, cheddar, frizzled onions. Served with fries 18-

Riggies ~ Pancetta, parmesan, bell and cherry peppers, onion, spicy tomato-cream sauce with choice of Gianelli spicy ground sausage, roasted chicken or breaded chicken 22-

(you can have both! chicken and sausage add 5-)