The Spring Menu is here!


Extra Focaccia 5-

Sammy’s Sprouts ~ deep-fried brussels sprouts tossed in maple chipotle sauce and served with house-made blue cheese (gf, veg) 14-

Roasted Garlic Hummus ~ slow roasted tomatoes, olive tapenade, pita and veggie sticks (V, gfo) 12-

Oysters Split-Rockefeller (4) ~ spinach, breadcrumbs, butter sauce, baked 16-

Deviled Eggs (4) ~ Cream cheese, lox, everything bagel seasoning 9-

Flatbread ~ lemon ricotta, tomato, pea pesto, zucchini (veg) 12-

Lamb Chop Lollipop (3) ~ mint pomegranate reduction, goat cheese polenta cake (gf) 16-


Caesar ~ romaine lettuce, pecorino romano, croutons, white anchovy dressing (gfo) 10-

Green Rice Salad ~ Cilantro lime rice, pickled pineapple salsa, lime vinaigrette, arugula, crispy tortillas (veg, gfo) 10-

Burrata - prosciutto wrapped, balsamic pearls, crostini, marinated tomatoes (gfo) 13-


Riggies ~ pancetta, parmesan, bell and cherry peppers, onion, spicy tomato-cream sauce with choice of Gianelli spicy ground sausage, roasted chicken or breaded chicken 22- (you can have both! chicken and sausage add 5-)

NY Strip ~ mashed potatoes, tonight’s veg (gf) 33-

Enhance with bearnaise butter and/or peppercorn sauce 1.50 ea.

Berkshire Double Cut Pork Chop ~ chimichurri, roasted potatoes, tonight’s veg (gf) 29-

Roasted Salmon ~ strawberry-basil balsamic glaze, ancient grains, tonight’s veg (df) 29-

Sirloin ~ roasted potatoes, tonight’s veg (gf) 32-

Enhance with bearnaise butter and/ or peppercorn sauce 1.50 ea.

Market Fish Tacos (2) ~ Flour tortillas, roasted fish, salsa, cheese, crema. Served with Mexican street corn fries. (Vo/dfo) 19-

Tortelloni ~ prosciutto and pea stuffed tortelloni, cacio e pepe sauce, mushrooms, truffle oil 23-

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Thighs ~ mashed potatoes, white pepper gravy, tonight’s veg 22-

Crispy Tofu Stir-Fry ~ Stir-fried veggie medley, soba noodles, chili-tamarind sauce, crispy tofu (V) 18-

Classic Burger ~ cheddar, lettuce, tomato onion, brioche bun. served with fries 14-

(swap for a Beyond Meat Burger: +$2)

Turkey Burger ~ caramelized braised leeks, green apple, bleu cheese aioli, French fries 16-

(swap for a Beyond Meat Burger: +$2)

Roasted Cod ~ risotto primavera and sundried tomato tapenade 29-

Sides -5 each

Mashed ~ Fries ~ Roasted Potatoes ~Ancient Grains ~ Tonight’s Veg ~ Caesar ~ Chef Salad


Vanilla Crème brûlée ~ rich, custard topped with a shell of burnt sugar. The same portion size is available to-go if you’d like to savor yours at home 9-

Donut a la Mode ~ a warm apple cider donut, vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle, whipped cream 10-

Flourless Chocolate Cake ~ raspberry sorbet, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, fresh berries 10-

Solo Sorbet ~ Raspberry (V) 6-