Hummus and Signature Pita Wedges ~ ask for the current hummus flavor (vegan, GF) 7-

Pok Pok Ribs ~ Smoked ribs with a date pok pok sauce 14-

Arancini ~ Roasted corn and sage with black peppercorn bechamel sauce (vegetarian) 9-

Sausage Flatbread ~ house made boursin cheese, onion jam and arugula 12-

Wasabi Tuna ~ Lightly fried panko and wasabi encrusted sushi-grade Ahi, marinated sweet potato, soy glaze, fresh ginger 17-

Sammy’s Sprouts ~ crispy, deep fried brussels sprouts tossed in maple chipotle sauce served with bleu cheese dip (vegetarian, GF) 12-


Wedge Salad ~ Iceberg wedge, tomatoes, red onion, lardon, bleu cheese dressing 9-

House Caesar Salad ~ Romaine lettuce, pecorino romano, croutons, white anchovy Caesar dressing 9-

Roasted Squash Salad ~ Roasted butternut squash, shaved brussels sprouts, red onion, dried cherries, maple dijon dressing, cheddar cheese crisp 9-


Sage and Brown Butter Salmon ~ spaghetti squash and white and wild rice with pecans and craisins 22-

Cider Pork Chops ~ Grilled, cider-brined boneless pork chops with apple pancetta braised cabbage, mashed potatoes and cider glaze 23-

Chana Masala ~ Katsu eggplant, chickpeas and steamed rice, curry sauce (vegan) 20-

NY Strip Steak ~ Hand-cut, choice Iowa beef, mashed potatoes, today’s freshly prepared vegetable, compound butter (GF) 28-

Smoked Beef Brisket with House BBQ Sauce ~ macaroni and cheese, today’s freshly prepared vegetable 19-

Heavenly Thighs ~ Cinnamon and molasses marinated thighs, macaroni and cheese, Split Rock Greens 19-

Chicken Riggies ~ pancetta, parmesan, bell and cherry peppers, onion, spicy tomato- cream sauce with your choice of roasted or breaded chicken 20-

Tom Jam Burger ~ Half pound ground brisket, tomato jam, cheddar cheese, lettuce onion served with French fries (make it a (vegan) impossible burger for $2) 14-